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The world leader in the development and manufacture of electronic dictionaries is Ectaco corporation. It produce a wide range of Language Teacher® and Partner® models that can satisfy the demands of any customer, from schoolchildren to business people.

Their award-winning professional electronic dictionaries have the widest range of features. They can be used as substitutes for multi-volume book dictionaries, as personal teachers of foreign languages, or as your interpreter abroad.

The linguistic microcomputer Partner® is worth a special mention. It has a 2MB Organizer, a Digital Voice Recorder, and a touch-screen display, is able to translate a coherent text, send faxes and work with e-mail.

Business-class models include all features necessary for doing business with foreign partners, for interpreting, or for studying. All these dictionaries have an immense vocabulary, speech capabilities and a convenient organizer.

Economy models of electronic dictionaries are simple and easy to use. This is a unique combination of unbeatable low price and the power of Ectaco linguistic technology.

Ectaco offers electronic translators for children. These models are designed for kids aged 5-12 years. Their main purpose is to teach by playing.

Ectaco is the world leader in the development and manufacture of the electronic handheld dictionaries. Since the foundation of the company in 1990, they have produced 6 generations of electronic dictionaries Language Teacher® and Partner® translating from/into over 20 languages. The high level of expertise and experience of Ectaco linguists, programmers, designers and engineers have resulted in the creation of dictionaries with modern design, a high-quality linguistic bases and the widest range of features. Millions of people all over the world use our dictionaries. They are easy to use for business people and tourists, professional interpreters and students, and are essential for emigrants and immigrants. The wide selection allows a customer to find the model which completely satisfies his or her needs. To survey and satisfy our customers needs as much as possible, we have created a network of offices in various countries. So far, Ectaco offices are open in 16 countries, and one can get all necessary information from them.

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